It’s Been A While…

…since I’ve written an entry that WASN’T about a county seat!  I figured out a while back that if I could get one or two good sized trips relatively close to one another, I could get tons of entries worth of counties done, giving me more than enough time to get more trips and entries ready to string along and make it a long continuous (week)daily chain.  Unfortunately, as some of you no doubt know, real life sometimes intrudes on our caching.  A succession of (for the Project) ill timed events have kept me from getting out on the road for a bit, some good (a retirement celebration), some bad (a funeral), some mixed (school vacations).  It can get hard to cache sometimes.

That said, caching was done. In fact, unless something crazy happened, I should be about to hit day 500 of my streak (tomorrow if my math is correct).  Even though I haven’t completed the project, I have started working on the eventual book. 

I have begun some very, very preliminary planning for 2020.  Unless something truly crazy happens, I’m going to be at the Texas Challenge.  They were going to have it in Killeen, but they’ve moved it to Round Rock and if they’re going to move it closer to me, I can’t not go.  I’m hoping to make Mingo Madness, but if I can’t, I can always just get to Mingo on my own.  I’m planning on going to the 20th Anniversary at HQ and, if nothing completely derails the train, I will try to make GeoWoodstock also (and maybe do the Washington State County Challenge in the week between?).  And somewhere in between all that stuff, I’m planning on doing Oklahoma.  That’s 77 more counties. Fancy plans and pants to match indeed…

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