Paean For A Pen

This is not the greatest pen in the world, no. This is just a tribute.

This may or may not be the silliest thing I ever write, but this entry is devoted to a pen. I signed my first cache with this pen and 99% of the following caches, too. For a long time it has been a friendly addition to my life: keys, wallet, phone, pen. I had hoped to sign the Texas County Challenge with it. But, alas, it is not meant to be. After over 1200 caches, it has gone missing. And, while it may not be all that important in the greater scheme of things (I have more than a few other writing implements), it has been a constant presence for a long time.

What it does have me doing, though, is thinking about all the things that I have gathered up around all this. Of course, I have mentioned my umbrella on more than a few occasions. I also keep thinking to myself that I need to replace my caching bag for something more convenient, but I also keep reassessing what the perfect bag would be so it makes me think maybe I’m not quite so ready to ditch it yet. And then, there’s my box of trinkets and tchotchkes. No doubt you’ve picked up pathtags and toys and markers and all other kinds of things from caches over your time caching. The box originally started as a jar and has grown. Soon enough, I’ll have to transfer its contents to something bigger, possibly a bigger jar. I guess I am nothing if not sentimental. That, and ultimately this is really all just a giant treasure hunt, no? We all have our treasures. Who hasn’t looked at a catalog of geocoins and considered them little hordes that we have gathered about ourselves? So we have our stuff. And I had my pen. Wherever you’ve gone, little buddy, thanks for your service. Good luck, wherever you’ve gone.

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