Sometimes I Like Nature…

So I took a trip back in the giant greenbelt. A lovely stroll down the trail, a lovely dip into the trees, and there it was! There’s a natural bridge further down the trail with an earthcache that I’m thinking about getting soon. And, of course, deeper into the woods are any number (60-ish) more to be found. It’s been a good week. Did my first CITO with a bunch of people and ended up coming away from it with 6 FTFs. Picked up a couple of Jasmer fillers. Looking forward to the GIFF screening this coming weekend and maybe another nature walk into the greenbelt. I’m actually looking forward to the green and the cool smell of fresh air. I’m not a nature person for the most part, but I’ve found myself enjoying it lately. Maybe there’s something in the green that I’ve come to connect with. Maybe I’m looking forward to the challenge of the greenbelt. I’m not sure, but it doesn’t matter. The trail has beckoned and I’m ready to heed the call.

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