Geocaching International Film Festival 2019

So Sunday afternoon I went to watch some short films with a few of my closest…local cachers.

We watched sixteen short films from around the globe; a couple from Spain, a couple from Slovakia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, several from the good old US of A, and others. And while we were at it, there was a drawing for some donated geocaching stuff!

New trackables and caching items were flying! And your humble narrator won the big one…

So now I have an ammo can to hide now! Someone even donated one of their new trackables and some starter schwag for it. And later in the day, trivia!

A few cachers got together at Geowoodstock and had an impromptu trivia event where they had to guess trivia about one another and decided to emulate the experience here at home. And, boy, were there a lot of us! Heck, half the people at the film festival came! And among other bon mots about each other, I told everybody about how my first computer was stolen by Radio Shack (if you ever catch me at an event, hit me up and I’ll happily tell you about it). A good time was had by all. And, of course, I have the responsibility of hiding an ammo can, so there’s that, too.

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