A Complete And Total Partisan Hack

Ladies and gentlemen, consider that the Texas Challenge is in a few months (four as of this writing). A big part of it, the “Challenge” part of it, is the competitive portion of it. Teams made up of regions of Texas along with an “out of state” team (and, occasionally, single state teams like Arkansas) go out and try to find caches all over the area placed by the hosts. Last year I didn’t compete, but this year I am, repping Central Texas. I don’t actually know if the map above accurately represents the boundaries of CenTex. It doesn’t really matter since anyone can join whichever team they choose. That said, I’m trying to help the Captains wrangle in people to the team. I want us to walk away with the trophy this year. So I’m announcing it proudly: I’m rolling with Team CenTex and you should all join us and come in for the big win!

Victory or death (metaphorically speaking)!

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