This has, thus far, been a month of FTFs for me. Earlier this month I attended my first CITO. There have been ones in the past, but I just was never able to attend. But it finally happened. One of the attendees was kind enough to hide some caches and arrange for them to drop during the CITO. So the pick up ended and the search began and my team grabbed three FTFs in a row. I’m not an FTF hunter though one of my team is (her FTF count is more than half my entire number of finds) but picking up three within an hour was awesome (full disclosure: since he dropped them for the CITO, we all got to collective claim FTF so it turned out to be six). In the last couple of days, new caches have dropped within a mile or two of my home and I managed to scoop them up, making two more and the month isn’t even over yet. I didn’t worry too much about those two, though. Thing is, the two recent caches are in places that until recently were considered economically depressed. Of course, they’re been gentrifying over the last few years so caches have been sporadically appearing. I’m sure that’s an entry on its own and once I consider it for a while, I may get around to it. Or not. No guarantees.

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