I’m Dying Over Here!!!

I want to get back out on the road so BAD!!! I literally wish I could just take a four-day and get everything done that needs to be done!!! GAAAAH!!!

Of course the big news on the block is the 20th Anniversary Celebration! What I find just as interesting is that they are randomly giving out the ability to host local events with the same icon. I hope you apply for one. I certainly have.

Even more importantly for me, I’ve been thinking about it and I may have a partial solution to my problem. There is a small window of opportunity for me. I might be able to take a one-day before Christmas. If I can, that would at least give me the opportunity to finish East Texas. That would be nine counties closer to completion. With luck I might be able to finish completely in January, but we’ll see. But a chance to get back out there? That’s the important thing. I feel so close to the end…so close I can smell it. Two and a half weeks, hurry up and get here!

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