Weekend Plans

My ability to cache has been severely limited the last few days. I hurt my knee so I’ve been wearing a brace. It turns sharp jets of pain into merely low level discomfort, but it seems to be working because I’m feeling better. So I’m sort of going out of town this weekend. It’s time for me to tackle a piece of geo-art. I don’t live too far from the Texas Star. Once, over a year ago, I took a trip out there to do it. I stood under that 102 degree sun, looking at that white chalk road, lacking cell signal and water; literally said “Nope”; and got back in the car and headed home. That was still my best caching day until GeoWoodstock anyway. Now it’s cool/cold, I’m smart enough to have made a list with them all on it, and have a lot more experience in both caching and prepping for long trips. So if my knee keeps feeling better, Sunday I’m going to go for it. If not, I’ll have to abort and go somewhere else. I hope I can, though. The road calls to me. Maybe this little trip will soothe my soul until I can get out to Lufkin and the surrounding areas. If I can get those before the end of the year, then I think I have a good chance to finish the entire shebang in January. But until then, I’m keeping hope alive and looking at the Star! Let’s get the proverbial “er” done!

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