The Texas Star: Part One

Every state has a star geo-art. They require solving in myriad different ways, but Texas’ is relatively easy and long ago solved by me. About a year and a half ago, I came out here a young and inexperienced cacher, stood under a 102 degree sun of summer with no hat, no water, and no cell reception. I looked out at the white stone road, sunlight pressing down on me, and said “Nope.” I got back in the car and drove home without even giving it a try. Well, now it’s winter. I had water I barely needed and a hat that was unnecessary. Still no reception, but I had a list this time. So I went for a drive up the road.

It was strange finding a pill bottle next to a bison or even a bison growing into the side of a tree for that matter. And the wind felt as if it should be sweeping down the plains… Up one road and down another. Well, down a little bit of another. You see, I was weak today. I had planned to get up super early so I could start this with the sun. Unfortunately, I had been out late the night before (doing karaoke, if you must know) so I wasn’t exactly inclined to get up early. That, and I had hurt my knee a little while back and I’ve been taking it easy. My knee was a little sore first thing so I stayed in bed to rest it a bit more so when I went out today, it was about 95%. But this all meant I got going late. And having a social life beyond geocaching (what kind of poppycock is that?), I had to attend a birthday lunch for some friends. I only got two and a half hours to cache, but I walked away with 24 of 51 total. Hence Part One. I shall return.

And at the last cache of the day I managed to scare off some cows, so that’s something, too, right?

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