August On My Mind

So my mind wanders on occasion and now I’m thinking hard. I may or may not be thinking a bit above my weight here, but here goes… I’m planning on going to the 20th Anniversary Celebration and then Geowoodstock XVIII the week after. I hadn’t decided if I was going to fly in and out twice but now I’m thinking about something a little different…

There are only thirty-nine counties in Washington. That would take me less than a week. I estimate 4 days and a day to get back to Seattle from western Idaho unless I can figure out a better path that might shave some time and travel off. Of course, I’ve got some time to figure something out. Of course, this means taking a week off and other shenanigans will have to be accounted for. Then again, I would love to come home with Washington under my belt, too… Of course, all this is a big if, considering some of the other things I have planned, both the said and unsaid. But, to paraphrase Browning, a man’s reach may exceed his grasp. Of course, Robert may have wrong. We shall have to see.

One thought on “August On My Mind

  1. Interesting goal – I’m actually going to fly from Seattle to Spokane for a day, just so I can pick up Idaho and Montana. There is so much to see and do while you are there, epic gadgets, oldies, etc. I think you should work on the counties on one side of the state and plan the other side for another trip. There is too much to do.

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