217. Guthrie, King County

This courthouse was pretty disappointing.  Heck, I actually flew by it when I arrived in to town because I didn’t recognize it for what it was.  I thought it may have been an activity center or something (which is ironic because I drove by the actual county activity center and it was more impressive).  The white building next door is the old courthouse and that looks a little better, but it reveals why a new one was needed so I guess that disappointment is really an improvement.  And, of course, it was raining.  Because what would a trip be if it doesn’t rain?  That’s why I have my trackable

My first cache attempt was at the town cemetery, but I quickly decided that I didn’t want to look for a micro in a tree in the rain if I could avoid it.  I instead opted for one on a guard rail by the highway I came in on.  Sure, it was still raining, but looking in metal nooks in the rain was far preferred to branches and sprigs all over the place.  And probably safer as I looked at the lightning strikes off in the distance.  It would probably strike the highway before it struck me.  Mission accomplished, I jumped right back on the highway, following it into…

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