218. Dickens, Dickens County

Another Paint Rock tiny town, but it did seem to have some sort of vague charm to it that I’m not quite able to pin down.  But at least the rain had abated so it wasn’t that bad. 

The cache I really wanted to go for was a 2/4.5 that involved a climb up an almost cliffside.  Of course, I’m not a climber, but I figured another possible route that wouldn’t involve doing so.  Had it been dry or I was more properly attired, I might have tried it.  That said, my alternate route would have taken me behind the town cemetery, so I just went there instead.  Once again, there’s always a cemetery. I was initially wary of its D3.5, but it just turned out to be a bison in a tree.  Log signed, I got moving again.  I was pushing myself a little more than normal because I’ve been on county runs on winter days before.  Because of my photography aspect, sunlight matters and shorter winter days make it a bit harder to get things done.  The last time I did that, though, I was still a relatively inexperienced cacher, still figuring out how to do this efficiently.  Now, I’ve got enough of these under my belt that I know the major things to avoid, I’m hoping I can add some speed to all that.  It turned out to be a pretty short stop and soon enough I was back on the road to…

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