221. Matador, Motley County

The courthouse here is pretty sparse with monuments.  And by “pretty sparse,” I really mean “has none.”  As a weird side note, there’s a store on the square called The Glittered Pig which I could have sworn I’ve seen in another town.  A quick look through the internet disabuses me of that notion (there’s one in Indiana, but I have trouble believing they’re associated), but I guess it has that generic small town art store/boutique thing so I probably just equated it with all of them. 

Heeeeeeyyy, Quannah!  This is especially funny because the town did me a bamboozle (as the kids say in their meme speak).  There’s an arrow right behind the courthouse so I made my way over there, but it was the wrong arrow!  The right arrow is this one over by the Motley County Museum, a few blocks away.  It’s so little!  Isn’t it cute?  The cache itself is on the fence back around the building.  Bison found and signed, I took a few minutes to relax and handle some emails and some stats (personal hotspots are a godsend) before getting moving again, this time arriving in…

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