222. Paducah, Cottle County

Even though the construction is a bit of an eyesore, it’s always nice to see some construction being done at a courthouse.  These old ladies need love and tender care if they’re going to last to bring order and justice to their far flung locales. 

That said, how picturesque is this square?  This is some of the most 1950’s stuff I can imagine!  There’s even a John Wayne movie playing at the theater!

Heeeeeeyyy, Quanah! Construction is bringing me luck now. The cache was actually across the street in a cleverly constructed container made of small PVC fittings on the end of a wire. Not bad.

As a sidenote, when I stopped at the local gas station to fuel up (which I haven’t had to do much of at this point [thank you modern, fuel efficient cars]), I found Mr. Alexander Hamilton staring up at me from the mud on the ground.  I started the pump fueling and picked him up.  It was still pretty crisp so it couldn’t have been there too long, but I was the only one there.  I could have turned it in to the gas station attendant, but I am no saint.  To paraphrase the joke/meme, ten bucks is ten bucks.  I decided to use it to stimulate a local economy in the form of my eventual lunch.  But that wouldn’t happen until some point after my next destination…

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