Three Days And Counting

The days are counting down to the 18th Annual Texas Challenge. Last year when I went, I was a fresh faced noobie, new to the hidden world we inhabit. This year I am the captain of one of the competing teams. I don’t usually like to talk about things like this before they’re decided because I’m always worried I’m going to jinx them, but I am also in the running for an office in the Texas Geocaching Association. Unfortunately, my opponent has been doing this much longer than I have and probably knows more people who would be voting, but I think I would bring a certain amount of charisma, drive, and panache to the position that he would not. All I know for sure is that for the next few days I’m going to be at a lot of events, kissing babies and rubbing elbows, not only for my team and our people, but for the meat grinder called politics. A whole new facet of geocaching might be about to unfold to me…

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