Less Than 24 Hours…

…until the Challenge! So I went to a pre-Challenge gathering! I actually went to another one the night before also, but I actually didn’t photograph it. There was another the night before that, but I was having dinner with the girls. I met a bunch of infidels cachers from other regions and we all talked and laughed and talked smack to one another. Of course, you may have noticed that there’s a special guest here and I couldn’t leave without getting a picture…

I’m pretty sure COVID-19 can’t jump between humans and amphibians or vice versa. I actually don’t like having photos of myself floating about and I was originally going to just get a photo of my hand with one of my uni-coins, but what the heck? It’s not like my image is still obscured or anything…

And tomorrow I’m going to another event tomorrow. Two, actually. One will be donut related and the other is the official Meet and Greet. Oddly enough, I may be taking a spare seat in the Poker Tournament. After dinner, that is. And, of course, Saturday morning, the rubber hits the road. There’s been a minor shakeup, but the plan is still sound. Saturday night is the Texas County Challenge Finishers’ Reunion and I get to sign the big board this year! Finally, on Sunday, we wrap up and receive a number of announcements.

My point here (and I do have one) is that Monday will be a very full entry. Heck, if there’s enough, I may have to break it up into two. But we shall see. But wish me luck! I’ve got a team to lead to victory!

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