“What Self Respecting Cacher…”

“…doesn’t own a boat?”

Hello? Have we met? I’m that guy. But, as fate would have it, I know people with boats, kayaks, and other forms of water transport. One of them, the one and only Carrot Killer, gave me a ring asking if I was interested in an FTF on Lake Travis. I thought about it for a minute. I would need a cache for the day. I’ve never grabbed one with a boat. It would be far from the madding crowd. Forgive me, for I have sinned. I bent/broke the standing guidelines on social distancing and we went out to do the thing.

Since he owns multiple water craft, he brought himself a paddleboard and lent me a collapsible kayak. I must say I’m really impressed with that kayak, but admit that I’m not quite able (or willing) to drop that kind of money on one. But, with a little help from Carrot, we got out on the water.

As fate would have it, it’s placed in the back of the Lake Travis Marina. You see, most of the property along the lake is private so there aren’t any good public ways to get down to the water. So we had to go down to get on an unofficial cove entrance through a break in a fence to get down on the water in the first place. There was snapping and strapping and then we were a go. I don’t think they want plebeians such as us invading their spaces, but naval invasion there was!

At the back of the marina (not a spoiler) attached to a cord (again, not a spoiler) we found this. Worth the entire row. For Carrot, this is just another find, but for me, this is my first kayak find. I don’t have a lot of T5s that don’t involve driving to the ends of creation. This one matters to me. One day it’ll be just another cache on another day, but today it was an accomplishment. I’ll take it.

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