379. Cherokee, Alfalfa County (OK11)

I get the feeling that in any large city this would be some kind of bank or other commercial enterprise. I don’t know what gives me that feeling, but that’s what I get off of it. Maybe it just has the look of the downtown bank from any number of small town movies. Perhaps there are nefarious goings on in one of the offices that will lead to the hero overcoming the antagonist of this Southern Gothic (which was unlikely today, it being crazy early on a Sunday morning). Of course, we can simply invoke real life history if that’s what we want.

Notice the centennial wall devoted to the Cherokee Strip. If you look closely at the plaques, you will note that the wall was relocated after it was built. If there is a metaphor for the Native American experience in this county more apt than that, I don’t know what it is. That said…

Hey, Doughboy! Haven’t seen one of you in a while!

It was supposed to be something magnetic attached to a grate (pictured above). It turned out to be a pill bottle hanging from it. Unfortunately, the pill bottle got dropped down the hole. By whom it was dropped isn’t important (he said looking away and whistling a soft ditty of feigned innocence), but I didn’t have anything capable of fishing it out. If I was traveling in my own car, I might have been able to use some string to make a grabbing loop, or the pole in my trunk. Heck, I probably could have put my ladder down there (I don’t own a boat, but I do own a ladder. I’m not a savage…) and climbed down if I had to. But my car is back home, so no luck. I messaged the CO of the predicament and beat a hasty retreat to…

3 thoughts on “379. Cherokee, Alfalfa County (OK11)

  1. I did that with a FTF once. It was a storm drain with a magnetic 35mm. The snow was so heavy I couldn’t even tell where the storm drain was! I put my foot into it and thankfully didn’t do more damage than just scraping up my leg and ankle. Of course, I was wearing my dress pants and shoes for work! 🙂 But I never got the FTF because I knocked it down in drain before I could even get the container. I found it later one when the snow had melted, but that experience will always stick with me. Always tough losing a cache!


  2. I did that once with a nano. I dropped the top of it and couldn’t find it in the grass, no matter how much I looked. I felt really bad messaging the CO, but I guess it’s better to tell them than let it be found like that by the next cachers to come along.


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