378. Alva, Woods County (OK10)

I don’t know what to make of this courthouse quite yet. Part of it seems a little brutalistic for me, but the other part is that weird sort of 1970’s mashup thing. I’m on the fence. However, I’ve run into something here that I’ve never encountered in all my courthouses and travels thus far.

I will give them credit for at least having something on the walkaround to look at. Truth be told, a couple of the pieces are quite nice. The painting, though dark in the photo, is quite nice in person. It’s almost Pawnee-an in its way. The painting, not the courthouse.

Not only is there a cache on the courthouse grounds, but it actually belongs to the courthouse! It turns out that the Woods County Treasurer is one of us! My Google-Fu fails me at the moment so I’m not finding a photo of him/her, but Claimus left us his bounty, and after all the courthouses I’ve been to, how can I not thankfully claim it? And while I’m at it, thanks to the rest of the courthouse and maintenance staff for taking care of it, too. But not for long. I had some time to grab food before I got here so there was nothing slowing me down from getting to…

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