282. Rayville, Richland Parish (LA27)

Well, well, well… Look at you, my pretty… While this is more definitely more “modern” (being built in the 1950’s and all), it has a certain dash of art deco to it that makes it more than just a utilitarian brick? And what is this I see about?

There’s actually stuff of interest to look at here? Might this be considered a jackpot for this area? I’ll take it! Am I going to hit the trifecta and have a cache right here to find? No. But that’s OK. You can’t have everything.

I headed to the local Wally World to pick up an LPC. It wasn’t there and, while several people had reported problems with it in their logs, nobody actually flagged it for maintenance. On one level, it’s my fault for not reading the logs, but I think it’s more their fault for not flagging it. It’s not like I really should have to read logs for the sake of an LPC. That’s alright, though. There was a tube based one on the outskirts of town (and by “outskirts” I mean two miles away) with a number of favorites. I expected something quite a bit different, something involving pouring water, but it just turned out to be a matchstick container with a cord. I suspect it was once water based, but it also looked like it would need a lot of water (which I might not have been entirely prepared for). But that’s really not important. The important thing is that a cache is a cache and, once it was signed, my work here was done. I put Rayville in my rear view and rallied down the road to reach…

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