287. St. Joseph, Tensas Parish (LA31)

St. Joseph is a tiny, drab town. There’s no nicer way to say it. It is not the most populous community in the parish because it is short by 11 people. It’s also one of the poorest parishes in a state full of poor parishes. This probably is the grandest building in town. Anywhere else it might be on par with the town library. I wanted a more panoramic shot here, but the trees of the past were left to prevent the photography of the future. That said, my visit here would be short, I thought. My next move was to find a cache. There’s only one cache in town so I went for it but I couldn’t find it in the tangle of trees and vines and bricks. This also created a further problem because A) there are not that many caches in the parish (ten, if you must know), and B) there is no signal to examine other possibilities anyway. Credit to Cachly that it preloads caches so I was able to check out some of the surrounding ones. Unfortunately, one piece of information it doesn’t seem to preload is the county the cache is in. I went south and hoped that I would get enough signal to be able to check what I was doing. Eventually, I hit paydirt.

Welcome to the town of Waterproof. One of the three towns of note in the parish, it was kind enough to have a keybox attached to the sign here. Very kind of them because I was already tired of this dreary little parish. Luckily, having driven to the southern part of the parish for this, I was not long for this place, quickly arriving in…

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