288. Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish (LA32)

So this turned out to be another one of those confusing courthouses where it wasn’t entirely apparent which side was the front or the back. I fell back on my rule of thumb that the flags were going to be at the front and photographed accordingly. I guess, in hindsight, I could have gotten the other side as well and then taken all the time in the world to examine them and make a determination. Honestly, however, that smacks of effort. Therefore, this is the official front. Any umbrage can be addressed to the Complaints Department (N.B. there is no Complaints Department).

It did have a few other things to look at, but you know what it didn’t have? A cache. In fact, there wasn’t a cache for miles around. Annoying, especially being out here in the middle of nowhere having just come from the middle of nowhere. And did I mention previously that the cell service was pretty crappy out here? Because, if I didn’t, I’m going to now (again). I referred again to the cached map info (thank you, Cachly). I basically had one of two choices: go ahead and hope for a cache being there, or go back and hope for a cache being there. I opted for the safer choice: going back. If I went back and it wasn’t there, I could continue on my way and try again for the forward one. If I went forward and it wasn’t there, I might have to go a long way out of my way to come back. So I got in the car and backtracked about 10 miles to a town I had already passed through. And what did I find there?

I’ll take it! A cache is a cache! And it’s better than risking it down the road. All the needful things were done and I was moving once again. The final destination of this journey lay before me and, after some driving, I pulled to a stop behind the courthouse in…

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