289. Marksville, Avoyelles Parish (LA33)

I’m glad I have an umbrella because I was visited by some more of that Louisiana water, this time from a skyward direction. I took my customary walk about to find that Marksville is quite the historically pivotal locale, both from a Texan perspective…

…(fun fact: this is not only the fight that made James Bowie and the Bowie knife famous, it is possibly the only knife fight he ever participated in) and from an American perspective…

…(further fun fact: I have no fun facts about this. Are you kidding me?). I have often remarked that I should read up more on the places I’m going so I can do things (or, more specifically, grab caches) that are more historically or thematically appropriate when I reach them. If I had even the slightest clue of the importance of this parish, I would have found a cache far more fitting its relevance. But I didn’t. So I just opted for the one at the courthouse, a nano on some electrical meters in the rear.

I spent more time here than I expected, especially considering it was raining and I soon needed to get headed home. I found it interesting and laudable that the courthouse was willing to give space to so many of the surrounding communities and other peoples who live in the area. Most probably don’t want to and many, thanks to fiscal concerns, probably can’t. Marksville has so I give them credit for at least trying to put their money and their property where their mouth is. But from here, I began the long trek home. Who could know when I would find my way back to continue my journeys here?

Well…actually…I would. Because I was back a week later and this time my day would begin in…

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