290. Lafayette, Lafayette Parish (LA34)

I swung by the courthouse the night I arrived and I thought it was illuminated enough for a photograph so I took it. Looking back, it’s not the best, but it’ll do. It’s suitably functional, too, so I don’t exactly feel that a lot of interesting detail or a sweeping sense of beauty is lost.

May I also note that one of the downsides to photographing illuminated things is that shadows are a thing. One day my photography skills will be able to make up for that (maybe?), but as long as I’m an insult to amateurs and I’m using an iDevice, you get shadows and occasionally grainy shots. And after all this, I went and got a good night’s sleep before getting out just after sunrise to go get a cache.

There’s always a cemetery. Slightly unusually, this one was an unknown. Cemetery caches usually tend to be either traditionals, multis that require information for the stones, or, occasionally, virtuals in the case of an important person’s grave. This turned out to be a pill bottle at the base of a tree and, once the required bits were accomplished, I took the long and slow way back to the car.

If you’re expecting a meditation on life and death here, you’re not going to get one. There was something else that was on my mind: chicken cracklins. I needed breakfast and they were here in vast amounts so I got some and started shoving them in my pie hole as I made my way to…

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