291. Crowley, Acadia Parish (LA35)

My only regret here is that I could not capture the tower/dome thingie very well. That said, I don’t see any other photographs that do a very good job of capturing it either, so I don’t feel too bad about it. As for the dais here, I’m not entirely sure if it’s a recent thing, put up for a special event, or if it’s a standard part of the grounds. I’d like to think that if it were permanent, they would have made it into a gazebo or a bandstand or something similar. On the other hand, I’m not from around these parts so I don’t know.

Apparently a nice young man gave a speech here a number of years ago and the parish thought well of it, well enough to put up a permanent marker. Some time later, for no particular reason, somebody shot that nice young man when he was riding in his car. No, I’m not making light of it, Mr. Forrest Gump made light of it. But it also makes a bit of a point that there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on here.

If anywhere could use a little renewal, this place could. Then again, would it be wasted on a town of 13,000 people? I know that sounds strange to hear, but there were several towns in the Panhandle that seemed to have revitalized at some point and it just never worked out for them. There’s no guarantee it would work out here and I imagine some of that money might be spent on more pressing issues for the community. But I need to stop talking. I’m just a stranger passing through these parts and have no true idea what they really need. All I know is what I really need and that’s a cache.

That would turn out to be a tiny screw can in a lamp post in the parking lot behind a medical office. I did my duty, signing and returning it, and then turned north. It felt like turning backward when I came here from Lafayette, but now it would only be going forward-ish, this time to…

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