315. Santa Rosa, Guadalupe County (NM15)

Hmm… We’ve got one of those back home. The county, not this lovely, lovely courthouse! She’s beautiful in that century old way that we just don’t do anymore. I’m pretty sure the craftsmanship itself is gone, but let’s face it: as much as I gripe about modern buildings, we build far more functional and comfortable courthouses in this day and age.

The horrid 1946 extension, on the other hand, is insane at best. While I get there probably was a need at the time, I am not enthused by it. In fact, I think the old courthouse is scarred by its addition. Again, I should probably be less judgmental, but we know that’s not going to happen.

As for the cache, there’s always a cemetery. This particular cache is part of a series all across the State that has been fruitful for me on several occasions this trip. This is the fourth one of these I’ve gotten, and when I return I may grab a few more. Just outside of the cemetery I started looking and it took me a little longer than expected. I checked roots and rocks and so many obvious places and I just could not find it. And then all of a sudden…

BAM! There it was, sitting in some tree limbs in a tree. If it had been a snake, it would have bitten me. I did the thing and replaced it, thinking that the cemetery might make for some nice photography, but chomping at the bit to reach my next and final destination of the trip. It was not until later that I realized the true significance of this cache. There are 3142 counties or county equivalents in the United States. This, being my 315th county, means that I have officially completed 10% of the United States. Technically, since I have a few counties I’ve gotten caches in without the courthouse, I hit that mark back in Los Alamos, but that’s not important either. I have actually made measurable progress on the greater goal and that’s cause to celebrate if you ask me! But not right here or now in the back end of beyond New Mexico. Besides, as I mentioned closer to the beginning of this paragraph, I was chomping at the bit to drive, and so I did. I descended further down from the heights of New Mexico, closer to the bosom of Texas, and came to a final, momentous stop in…

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