329. Warren, Bradley County (AR12)

Another one of these courthouses! This must be a stylistic thing in Arkansas because I’ve never seen anything like it in Texas. I also saw something I hadn’t seen in a while…

…an older war memorial with new slabs added on for new wars. But that’s not what I’m here for, is it?

The cache itself was a keybox dedicated to the time capsule. As a funny little aside, when I cracked it open, I found the signatures of my friends Carrot Killer and LadyBlackCat on it. I knew they had been up here a week before, grabbing Arkansas caches the same as I was. It’s always a bit of a laugh to find a familiar name on a cache when you’re out of town, especially when it’s not a well known cache or anything. This cache took me a little longer then it should have. It was exactly where I thought it was. It just turned out to be higher when I though it would be lower. As I had so many times before, I signed and returned it before heading off again, soon to be stopping in…

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