330. Hampton, Calhoun County (AR13)

Another one! I’m sure there was more that I could have said architecturally about this (though, maybe not. I’m no architect), but it was getting a little late in the day and I was getting tired and a little bit crabby. I wasn’t having as many thoughts as I was earlier in the day. I was just having some sore muscles (despite the wonders of Toyota’s Dynamic Cruise Control systems [no, I’m not shilling for Toyota. They’ve just made some serious driving possible thanks to technology]) and the thoughts weren’t flowing like quicksilver. Knowing I was constantly getting closer to home, despite being hours of driving away, put me in a bit of a mood.

There’s always a cemetery. This one was around the corner from the courthouse. I’m sure if I had a stronger throwing arm I could have hit the courthouse from here. And, of course, it’s nice of the cemetery (which I think was technically a graveyard) to have a posted reminder that not only were there Confederate veterans having their eternal rest here, but many in the county are their descendants. <sarcasm>I would have totally forgotten otherwise!</sarcasm> But the Cat and Carrot had been here, too, so there’s that? Either way, I rolled on to the last county of the day. Still heading towards home, I kept on westward and found myself in…

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