358. Woodward, Woodward County (OK08)

Look at you, you gorgeous creature! Clean lines, a nice amount of ornamentation without being incredibly busy. Very chic. You’re not the kind of old school courthouse I usually prefer, but I’m more than satisfied with her. It being Friday, I was able to slip inside and avail myself of the facilities. Unfortunately, I messed up. In my haste to alleviate my bladder, I forgot to don my mask. I realized my error as I was walking to the bathroom, but the proverbial train was about to leave the station so I got done as quickly as I could and then got out with a quickness. For what it’s worth, I managed to come away from the incident uninfected, but it should still serve as a reminder to remain vigilant in the time of cholera. Even the strongest hero can still fail a saving throw.

The Woodward Public Library isn’t even around the corner from the courthouse. It shares the block. Someone was nice enough to leave a cache on a light fixture outside. Any other time I would have to worry about a lot of muggles here, but the only good thing about the time of cholera is that most of them weren’t out on the street. Ironic, especially since the cache title was an exhortation to watch out for them. I managed to snag the teeny tiny keybox off the light, and return it with absolutely zero difficulty or notice. As I walked back to the car, I realized that my entire time here I hadn’t been more than 300 feet away from it, meaning that this one was amazingly quick, leaving me a lot of time to swing through somewhere for food to suck down on the way to my next destination…

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