381. Taloga, Dewey County (OK13)

This courthouse literally looks like a modern home builder was contracted to put up an office building, so they built it and stuccoed the crap out of it to give it an earthy feel. As I’ve said before, I understand modernizing updates, but this? This looks like a newly built school in a newly built subdivision. I had assumed that something happened to the old courthouse because I saw no trace of it. It turns out that it’s still around, but I never saw it. It was originally a brick building and was stuccoed so that might explain why this one looks the way it does.

The cache was a bison attached to a barbed wire fence. It was a little uncomfortable because it’s really, really close to the entrance gate of what I can only assume is a cattle ranch. I can’t say I wasn’t a little worried. I don’t like getting too close to other people’s property. Heck, this wasn’t the first cache I went for. I was going to get one by an empty roadside spot, but when I got the GZ it turned out that someone had parked a camper there and claimed it as their new home. Obviously, I wasn’t wasn’t going in some stranger’s back yard for a cache. A side road (after having avoided hitting a turtle on the way) brought me here a little closer to someone’s property than I like. Heck, I don’t even like caches in people’s yards with permission. Sometimes it’s somewhat frightening. Other times it doesn’t even get that far. The city invites more than a share of scrutiny that way. Out here in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma? I’m probably more likely to get shot than in a Texas city and that’s saying something… But the cache was found, signed, and returned and I was none the worse for wear. I got back on the side road, kicking up dust the entire way until I returned to the main road, and then turned onto the main road and passed through the miles to my next destination…

3 thoughts on “381. Taloga, Dewey County (OK13)

  1. Being shot whilst geocaching… We don’t do guns in the UK nor Nazi flags in the front garden… However if the woman next door cuts her lawn ‘one more time’…


  2. I was caching in Oklahoma earlier this year. Driving from Enid back to I-35 i passed through the tiny town of Hunter and drove by a house with two Nazi flags on it.
    A couple of months later I learned that on a late night drunken dare a young lady snatched one and was promptly shot several times in the back by the Nazi home owner. Luckily she survived and the Nazi was arrested.


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