382. Arapahoe, Custer County (OK14)

Alright, this courthouse is quite a bit better. Sure, it looks a bit like a high school (one day, I think I’m going to group all these courthouses that look like schools), but at least it has a certain personality to it?

There’s always a cemetery. It’s funny, but I realized as I walked through here to the cache, looking at the stones, that there was a time long ago when I would have considered a cemetery to be a place of great pondering rumination. Now, though, it’s just another destination. I would be almost superstitious about the idea of stepping on a grave. Now, I bounce through the yard and don’t even think twice. My priorities have changed quite a bit and death just isn’t something I spend a lot of time thinking about anymore, even when I’m surrounded by reminders of it.

And there it is… A small container in a tree. But that was no longer the important thing (well, signing it was somewhat important). The important thing was the next destination and the next cache. Isn’t that always the most important cache? The next one? That’s definitely the one on my brain. That and the continuation of the project. The dead, in the ground or in our hearts, are in the past. Life is for the living. Or some kind of crap like that. I got back behind the wheel and made my way to that next destination…

2 thoughts on “382. Arapahoe, Custer County (OK14)

  1. I think I’m going to start a series TAC – There’s Always a Cemetery. Our reviewers aren’t allowing caches in cemeteries anymore after an issue in one, so I figure gather information from the various markers for the final.

    I didn’t like them when I first started – it felt weird. Now I like them very much and I bet it’s the only visits some of these old stones get.


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