384. Hobart, Kiowa County (OK16)

This courthouse has a really, really weird layout. It’s got two side doors (one of which is pictured above) that look like they both point you toward another entrance. That door is part of an addition that looks like some sort of tin building added on. Did they put a tin cover over the front of the building? That literally makes no sense. It’s absolutely insane, yet the only other side is obviously not the front entrance. I’m absolutely conflicted on which face of the building to photograph. The front entrance looks absolutely terrible, but the side entrances are obviously not main entrances. I honestly don’t quite know how to feel about this. It’s just weird and you obviously now know which direction I went photography-wise. But that sad, HEY!

There’s a Doughboy and a Sailor here! Kudos for having nice stuff here on the lawn, but I don’t know. Maybe I’m just becoming overly critical of these things. I’m terribly curious as to why they did this to the extension that they did. Was it some kind of damage? Or did they need to enlarge the lobby? Or is there something else I’m not even thinking about? I spent some time on Wikipedia trying to figure it out, bit I’m still as stumped as when I started.

The cache itself was a travel bug hotel under someone’s front porch. I’m usually really squirrely about this kind of stuff, especially since I’ve had a few mildly uncomfortable experiences with them, but they did reiterate on the cache page that everyone around them knew what’s going on so nobody should be frightened. I will admit that the last couple of yard caches I’ve done have been quite nice so I haven’t exactly written them off. It’s also the best rated cache in the county so how could I not? I dropped off a trackable and grabbed a couple to take back to Texas. Trades are supposed to be one-for-one, but I guess I’m some kind of rebel? Anarchy in the OK? I doubt Mr. Lydon would approve, or would he? Actually, I’m pretty sure we’d share the same opinion: neither of us would care what the other thought.

There’s a couple of older virtuals in the county: one downtown with one of the answers not available because the building is closed off (thanks to the time of cholera), one well out of town at a roadside memorial and rest stop. I took a little extra time and grabbed them, too. It’s not like I was going to be back in Hobart anytime soon, I thought. I still don’t, but I’m happy to leave a little foreshadowing, sprinkled about like breadcrumbs. Or does this acknowledgement kill that mood? I’m terrible at this entire suspense thing! That’s probably why I just shut my pie hole and advanced toward a meeting with destiny in…

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