676. Kingman, Mohave County (AZ01)

Now that is a lovely courthouse. Note there’s a Sailor and a Doughboy here! Just like back in Crowell and Hobart! It was almost worth the drive. I wasn’t entirely sure it was at the time though, not because of the courthouse, but because of the drive. You see, I had been avoiding Arizona for a long time, first because it was a Covid infested dystopian nightmare, but secondly because every time I mapped it out it looked like it would take forever. Eventually I figured out why. Apparently in the 1970s, Nixon told the state that they needed to lower their speed limits to fifty-five miles an hour to conserve fuel or they would not receive federal road funds. The state ended up finding an “elegant” solution to that problem. They lowered their speed limits to fifty-five miles an hour but made a law that anyone speeding up to sixty-five miles an hour would be cited with a misdemeanor for “waste of resources” and fined $15. Since that wasn’t even an amount of money worth stopping anyone for, cops never bothered enforcing it. As a result, though many roads have higher limits in modern times, many/most are still officially fifty-five miles an hour. Routing maps use the official speed limits, making every leg seem unbearably slow. That, and Arizona’s county seats are really spread out.

To be terribly honest, there was another reason I wasn’t all that keen on Arizona, Kingman in particular. The state is known for its White Supremacist activity, with Kingman especially known for being a hub of the KKK, which isn’t surprising since there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that it was a sundown town until some time in the 1970s. I assumed that anyone who might take offense at my presence would most likely be asleep at 3:45 in the morning local time (I had passed from PST to MST when I entered the state).

The cache was at a nearby art gallery. Attached to the door frame, it was easy enough to grab, though its orientation resulted in me spilling its contents a couple of times. I was also reminded of my age for a moment. My knees did not like being down on the stone and tile. I managed to get it signed and even dropped off a couple of trackables before, after a quick gas top-off, I headed with all speed to my next location…

5 thoughts on “676. Kingman, Mohave County (AZ01)

  1. I’m enjoying your Posts even tho I may not commit often. Thank for the 55 mph story I remember it happening as I grew up but who knew the were not in forcing it. LOL Safe travel.


  2. My cache of choice in Kingman was the one that used to be at the locomotive, but I DNFed it. So I walked over to the museum a couple of blocks away and got the one there, I remember it as being amusing, but not why. Maybe I had heatstroke.


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