392. Arkadelphia, Clark County (AR18)

Look at all that brick… I’m OK with this courthouse. Especially the clock tower. I find I’m beginning to enjoy them as an architectural feature. It’s strange to me that one would even have favorite architectural features, much less that I would begin to develop them. And it seems I am beginning to do just that. I will not claim to have seen every possibility, but I think I (and, therefore, we) have seen a great many of them, more than enough to come to conclusions. Heck, I bet if I go back through the archives I’ll find a similar musing somewhere. For now at least, I like clock towers and I guess I’ll keep enjoying them until I grow tired of them or find something to supplant their primacy in my attentions.

Of course, the Confederate monument wasn’t exactly to my tastes, but we live in the world, don’t we?

The cache was hidden in a fencepost at a knitting/yarn shop. Again, the Christmas paraphernalia was in full swing. I don’t know if it was a coordinated thing or not, but it almost seems like it was, as if someone somewhere broadcast that it was time to decorate. Maybe this is just a known thing that I’m just not privy to, probably because of my general disdain for Christmas decoration. That said, this is literally the first day that it’s acceptable as far as I’m concerned and everybody is geared up for it so I will endure the lights and the elves and the tinsel. Besides, the decoration is far less important than the many places so decorated. So I took back to the road, heading for the next such place…

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