393. Malvern, Hot Springs County (AR19)

Again, no objections to the courthouse. The seasonal stuff is a bit harder to avoid at night, seeing that it is usually either illuminated or incandescent. As much as I try to avoid it, primarily because I would prefer the pictures to be timeless, there was no getting around this Christmas tree. And, as much as I hate to admit it, it’s a nice tree. That said, this was the third courthouse in a row with enough ambient light to go ahead and photograph with my phone. I found this incredibly ironic since I went out of my way to find a low light solution that was, thus far turning out to be completely unnecessary. Perhaps I would run into something in the middle of nowhere that would require a field test of my low light solution, but I’d have to cross that bridge when I got there.

For a while, the question on my lips was “Would I ever get out of this county?” I found an entire road lined with caches, but all of them either were DNFs or made no sense. Some of them hadn’t been found in a long time and the only ones that had were in a cemetery and believe you me that I’m not going into a cemetery at night, much less at 3:30 in the morning. The only saving grace was that the previous counties had been quick enough that spending a little extra time here wasn’t killing me. Besides, night hours have traditionally been dead hours. I just wouldn’t figure it would be quite so bad. I’m not even being hyperbolic, either. I looked at a dozen caches, and actively searched for four of them and couldn’t find even one of them. I guess that maybe not a lot of cachers come through here because a lot of these finds had long periods between them, but a D1.5 should not be that hard for an experienced cacher (which, at this point, I actually consider myself), and out of four attempts at a 1.5, I should have been able to find one of them. I finally found an LPC outside of town that was where it said it would be, but jeez! This county has turned out to be the worst! If I had reviewer powers, I would disable every cache in the the county and make everyone go out and maintain them. I’m not even kidding right now. A few more counties like this and I would have pulled out what what little hair I have on my head. But a cache is a cache and, since that had been found, the rest could be relegated to the past as I put the county behind me on the way to…

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