435. Perry, Noble County (OK29)

A stately, classical courthouse. It has a gravitas that would be difficult to match in most places. So the real question is…

…what the heck is this thing doing here? It’s obviously a monument to pioneers and sooners. On a certain level, that’s interesting. On another level it kinda sucks. Sooners are called that because during the various land rushes into Oklahoma, they basically cheated by arriving sooner than was allowed and claiming land despite the fact that the proclamation that established the land rushes specifically denied land to those who arrived sooner than allowed. I don’t know if those are founders to be lauded, but Texas was established by men who wanted to maintain slave labor for their farms through Mexico has already outlawed the practice. Therefore, I claim no moral high ground on that subject.

The cache was a decent sized jar inside a tree at a nearby park. For the record, I have to admit I was lazy on this one. It was big enough for a trackable and swag and all, but I left them back at the car and it was cold. I didn’t leave anything when this would have been a very good cache to do so with. I am the reason we can’t have nice things. I got back to the car and looked at my itinerary for my next county. I realized I had a lot of extra time because of all the counties I had hit at night on the way up, so I decided to call an audible. There were some counties I had on the agenda for the next day, but I opted to grab a few of them today, saving me time later when I was tired and more ready to go home. Pedal to the metal (alright, it was less dramatic than that), I turned myself to the direction of…

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