436. Pawnee, Pawnee County (OK30)

The courthouse I like. It reminds me a lot of ones in New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle. Just a big old bunch of bricks put together. That being said, there’s a few monuments around here to be seen.

The ones about the Pawnee Code Talkers was of note. I regret that I didn’t take a photo of the Dick Tracy mural across the street because this is the birthplace of his creator, Chester Gould. I had a few minutes though because I had already picked up a cache on the way into town.

I stopped at a Wild West ranch. Being from Texas, I don’t know what I could possibly know about the Wild West, but being from Austin, I admit there’s a number of things I wouldn’t know.

They were nice enough to keep an ammo can to be found. I, of course, though I’d be looking for a bison because…

…buffalo! In fact, Buffalo buffalo, Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo. If you need me to parse that for you, I can, but you have the Internet at your disposal so you can probably hook that one up yourself. Ultimately, this was a quick in and out. Well, mostly. The connection was terrible out here so that slowed down logging and mapping, but to town I made it and from town I would go, soon to stop again in…

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