452. Miami, Ottawa County (OK46)

Remember what I said back in Vinita about courthouses looking like schools? Well…yeah. If Vinita is the middle school, then this is the high school. Was this to become the new theme? Would the next county resemble a university? Doubtful. This was another small town that was not particularly special. I hate ever saying that. Everywhere has something to it, something that makes it a special place to someone. But for me, this was no more than another stop in a series. For that, I felt a certain sadness, but not enough to stop for any longer than I had to.

After an aborted park and grab, I ended up finding a cache. It turned out to be a little photo tube in a piece of pipe by a building. Nothing fancy or flashy, but I took it. It was more than enough for government work. And, with my work here done, I was off again, this time to reach…

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