451. Vinita, Craig County (OK45)

I guess the courthouse is nice for a building that looks like a school. I mean, this really looks like a school. Sometimes I joke about it, but this totally looks like a junior high school (or middle school if you are not, like me, of a certain age). But what more can I say? Otherwise, it’s nothing particularly special.

The cache itself, like the courthouse, was also nothing special, a flat magnetic plate on a guard rail. That said, it was used in an application that wasn’t completely obvious, and was something I hadn’t quite seen before. And the magnets on that were the strongest magnets I had ever come across! Truly the rarest of earth magnets! I tried to pry and push and I just could not get it to come off. I ended up having to slide a knife edge under it to get it to pop off, and by “pop” I mean lever action! Thank you, Archimedes! All kudos to you! Well, at least until I get to…

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