450. Nowata, Nowata County (OK44)

Red brick! This is new and different! Yes, that’s totally sarcasm! Brick and Oklahoma go together like rice and something that goes with rice. I had only recently learned of Oklahoma’s long history, dare I say love affair, with brick manufacture, especially in this area. Therefore, everything around here is going to be brick and since the red earth of Oklahoma is renown for being the earth of Oklahoma, those bricks are going to be red. All that said, it is a nice looking courthouse. Not particularly imaginative, but then again does the courthouse have to be imaginative? It’s not like the people require avant-garde architecture and is the county really served by that anyway? Better solid, safe, and stable than…interesting. In a weird twist, I managed to scare some deputies with my photography (as evidenced in the lower left hand corner). A bunch of them where chatting it up outside and I didn’t want to wait until they left because, well, they’re the cops and it’s their county so who knew how long they were going to be there? When I started photographing, they all looked at me like deer surprised by a flashlight. They all scurried off inside to speak without the possibility of civilian oversight (or maybe to get warmer since it was pretty chilly out) as I was driving off.

Anyway, why all the chatter about bricks? Because the cache was brick themed, honoring a brick factory that used to be here. An ammo can in a pile of bricks, no less! It was on private property which made me feel a little wonky, but it wasn’t anywhere near the main house and, while it was close to a shed, it’s not anywhere that looks really suspicious for someone to be (other than that entire private property thing, I guess). I doubt the dudes down the street repairing their truck even thought twice about me rooting around in the brick pile. And, with a signed log, I took my leave of Nowata for the sunnier climes of…

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