469. Ardmore, Carter County (OK63)

Look at you! What a stunning creature you are! Where have you been my entire trip?

And, speaking of Latin, my inner Latin scholar is tickled pink by the inscriptions, though slightly disappointed by the translations (and if you don’t think I have an “inner Latin scholar,” you haven’t been paying attention). As for the cache, I liked it so much…

…I made a little video of it. Again, I profess that none of the videobloggers out there have anything to fear from my ‘leet video skills (“leet” spelled 1334). That said, I thought it was terribly clever and I totally give credit where credit is due.

I also picked up a virtual down the road while I was here. It was there and there have been so many virtuals I’ve bypassed this entire trip. When I get focused on getting into and out of counties, I tend to get blinders and put everything else to the side, including virtuals. One day I long to have week long trips where I can spend time in towns to soak the culture (or lack there thereof?) and to maybe grab more than one cache. My caching is territorially wide, but mostly quite shallow. Out of all my counties thus far (470 officially and one unofficial [official meaning I’ve visited the county seat]), there are only 23 counties (and counties specifically, no county equivalents) where I have a double digit number of finds. But that’s all contemplation that is made in a warm chair, typing at a keyboard. Out there in Ardmore, though? I was fading. I had to go. I had begun to reach my limit. I had driven all night and, with at least four hours of driving to get home, I was already as far as I could go while running on water, snacks, and Five Hour Energies. I needed a bed, and that right soon. As you may have noticed however, while this county is number 469, I have been to 470. There was one more county between me and the holy borders of Texas, and that final county would be…

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