468. Pauls Valley, Garvin County (OK62)

I like this courthouse. I may be incredibly biased for it though because it’s not red. That, and it looks a little bit like Ada did (OK, maybe just vaguely reminiscent?), so I give it good marks overall. So why the craptastic sign there? A nice sign would make it look great! That one, looking like it’s been sitting weathering since the 1970’s, though? You’re killing a nice aesthetic there, y’all. Then again, I’m not entirely convinced that they give two wooden nickels what a southerner (and by “southerner,” I mean Texan [and by “Texan,” they probably mean tourist]) thinks.

Someone was kind enough to place a cache right here at the courthouse, a film canister placed under an appropriate skirt. I’m pretty sure nobody from the courthouse is involved with this hide because it looks like they’re been piling stuff on top of it, but none of that matters because it was ultimately found, signed, and returned. Inveni, inscripsi, reposui. That’s all that matters. That said, I am thinking of taking that as my motto because quidquid latine dictum sit altum videtur. That said, it beats my traditional motto, “$#!% happens. $#!% happens frequently.” But that’s neither here nor there. My work completed, I continued my descent towards home, making a penultimate stop in…

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