467. Ada, Pontotoc County (OK61)

The courthouse is not red brick!  It’s pretty and stone and bleached and, most importantly, not red brick!  Never did I imagine that would be a selling point for a courthouse, but in this case it most certainly is!  Also, fun fact: the town was named by an early settler in the area. He named it after his daughter. I totally get that one. I only wish the cache itself was just as interesting.  Don’t get me wrong: a cache is a cache is a cache and each one is its own pleasure, but…

…you should also know that , as tired as I am of red brick courthouses, I’m ten times more tired of micros in trees!  There’s always a cemetery and this one, off the side of a highway, did not disappoint in that it did, in fact, have a cache contained within.  There it was, in some brush on the edge.  And, as always, it’s funny to see signatures from people know back in Austin on the logs out here in the middle of nowhere.  Once my duty was done here, I got back behind the wheel, descending again towards home, stopping on the way in…

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