472. Madill, Marshall County (OK66)

The courthouse itself was not illuminated, but there was more than enough ambient light to get some really good shots. And again with the white stone! I wonder if that is a thing in this part of the state? Maybe I’ll one day go back through the archives and figure it out, but that day is not today. I was also thrown trying to figure out where the front was. The face with the flagpole also had a fenced off section as if it was concealing dumpsters or mechanical equipment, things one would expect in the back. I decided to go ahead and default to the side with the flagpole and Robert was your mother’s brother.

So, the cache… It was at a nearby church and, well, I wouldn’t call that incredibly camouflaged, would you? I like to think that every cache is special in some way, but let’s be honest: this one was not that. It makes me a little sad, but quick and easy claiming of a county trumps the need for interesting cleverness in the cache I claim. I did my job, but I went ahead and covered it with a brick upon its return so that it would present the merest semblance of a challenge. All that said, it did the job so I wasn’t complaining. As I have said before, a cache is a cache is a cache. Besides, the simplicity of it meant that I could more quickly reach…

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