473. Tishomingo, Johnston County (OK67)

Well…it’s a courthouse. It almost looks like a prefab building with some bricks thrown up around it. Less like a courthouse and more like a church extension. It’s even sadder because it sits in the shadow of…

…the former courthouse. Of course, its service as the Johnston County Courthouse is neither this building’s current purpose not true claim to fame. The building used to serve as the Chickasaw National Capitol.

In fact, when I saw it coming into town, I actually thought it was the courthouse so I drove to it. I guess now I can say that I’ve been to a national capital other than London or Paris!

The cache was at a piece of old technology, a nano on an old phone booth. Not stellar or anything, but a cache is a cache is a cache. And it was close to the courthouse, so it was easy in and easy out in spite of the road construction on the highway. And that easy out led from the center of the Chickasaw Nation to…

2 thoughts on “473. Tishomingo, Johnston County (OK67)

  1. Old phone booths in my area just up and disappear? I think the metal scavengers are picking the off one by one. They cut them off level to the ground. I do miss them for hiding place. Just a commit.


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