474. Sulphur, Murray County (OK68)

Well, this is a pile of all that red brick that Oklahoma is famous for! Unfortunately, you can’t see it very well. There’s not a lot of ambient light, but there’s that one big light source that you can see that kills any possibility of any low light image. To be honest, it wouldn’t be all that much more impressive during the day anyway, just slightly better documented. I’m always sad when I bring back a crappy photo, but at least I can not beat myself over it too badly knowing there was little I could do about that.

The cache was a clever little pen cap doodad, hidden on a telephone pole among some electrical bits. I’ve never quite seen one of these before and it looks incredibly easy to make. I might actually make a couple of these for hides around here. They would definitely be something a little different around this region. I guess that’s an odd thing. For the simplicity of this, it kind of blows my mind that I haven’t seen one before, especially with all the caches around here. I guess it’s possible I just haven’t seen one that’s around here, but with just under half of my 3000+ caches in Travis and Williamson Counties, I can’t imagine I wouldn’t have. But that wasn’t important sitting in Sulphur in the middle of the night. My work here got done quickly enough and it was on to the next one, soon to be claimed in…

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