475. Coalgate, Coal County (OK69)

This is a little different. Not bad, just different. It has this weird flat 70’s design to it, but I like the arches at the front that helps mitigate that. Well, sort of. I mean It’s OK and I’m sure it’s more than completely serviceable but I’m not especially enthused about it as you can imagine. It lacks that certain je ne sais quoi that could elevate this to something more…something. May I also add that the fact that it shares a parking lot with a Family Dollar feels a little distasteful, bordering on gauche. Then again, not every county can have a grand house of government or some kind of crap like that.

My first Masonic cache of the trip! About a quarter mile down the road from the courthouse, it was both my closest and easiest option. After I was nonchalantly passed by a Sheriff’s deputy, I made a quick deployment and was rewarded by a quick find and claim…

…an LED flashlight that had been repurposed as a container. If cheaply acquired, I think that’s a very clever idea. Of course, this one is not all that cleverly hidden, but that’s not the point of, either. As I have said said several times this trip (and will say several more), a cache is a cache is a cache. With that, I was on the way to my next and far less boring cache in…

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