517. Phillipsburg, Phillips County (KS039)

This is a nice little building. It threw me for a bit looking for the front facing because the flag pole is on the side of the building instead of the front. That wouldn’t have been a truly weird issue except that side doesn’t have an entrance at all. At least the mechanical units were in the back so I cold at least make the determination easily enough. I also took the opportunity to tend to my biological needs inside, giving me a chance to pass judgment on their bathroom facilities. They were suitably and reasonably well tended to so I won’t talk crap about them. No, that pun was not intended, but there’s always a little room for potty humor…

I actually got the cache on the way there in the nearby town of Glade. It was an easy enough park and grab, but it was off of GZ just enough that that parking took a little longer than expected. Of course, it was so low traffic out there it didn’t even matter. Of course, the residue of the rains was still rich, droplets upon the grass, pools upon the ground. Of course, the morning insects were out for any human who dared present themself. It was a mildly uncomfortable search, but an easy enough find and claim. With that accomplished, it was off to the courthouse and, once the public convenience was completed, I was off again to begin my first date with destiny in…

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