529. Lamar, Prowers County (CO03)

Oh my holy mother of crap!!! It took forever to get here! They were doing construction on Main Street leading into town here, so they had it down to one lane and had one of those construction stoplight junctions where you have to wait for everyone to come across from one side before you and your side can cross and vice versa. I sat there waiting for that thing to change directions for what felt like an eternity. When I finally got across, I ended up being stuck waiting for a train to cross at an intersection near the courthouse, too. It was like all I did in Lamar was wait for other things to happen so I could get anywhere. So understand that while I think the courthouse is nice enough, I still feel a little surly thinking about it considering all the time I had to wait in line to get there.

Guess what? I’m standing in front of the world’s oldest building! Well, at least according to the guy who built it, anyway. Built in 1932 from stolen petrified wood by (ironically) a local lumber dealer, this once gas station was soon billed as the oldest gas station in the world, and then enshrined by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as the world’s oldest building. Sidenote: the floors are also made of petrified wood, making them the world’s oldest and hardest hardwood floors. It spent years as a gas station, then a garage, and finally as a used car lot before the lot expanded into the building next door, leaving the attraction as merely an attraction. As you can imagine, someone put a virtual here. I held up a uni-coin to obscure part of the answer to it. Though there are enough photos of the building on the Inter-tubes to get that detail, I didn’t want to take on that karma if I could avoid it. There also was an earthcache here so I’ll happily accept the two-fer! Besides, I’d already spent forever here in Lamar. A few extra minutes wouldn’t kill me. And with my answers sent and my photos taken, I stopped across the street to gas up the car, and then continue on. Luckily, getting out of town was much faster than getting into it and it wasn’t long before I reached the edges of…

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