530. Las Animas, Bent County (CO04)

What a stunningly interesting courthouse! That said, it was a bit dark so I wasn’t able to see it in quite the detail I would have liked when I first reached it, and the little exterior lighting there was was enough to overwhelm my low light solution. I got the best and most reasonable shot I could with the tools I had. Soon enough the sun would rise and this would no longer be a problem, but for just a little bit longer it would be.

I hadn’t found a cache for the Santa Fe Geotour in quite a while. I had intended to in Kansas on a number of occasions, but those caches always seemed to be a little too out of the way for my needs. This one was relatively close in to town so I figured what the heck. It also reminded me of something I had unfortunately neglected: bug spray! That wouldn’t be as much of a problem once the sun came up, but in the pre-morning twilight it was annoying as all get out while I was there. I walked down a path, partially covered by arching trees until I hit a crossroads and a rock on top of an ammo can. With the flying insects and the still palpable darkness, this was the best of the photos I got. That said, it was no Cameron Parish, so for that I was lucky from an insect perspective. As I did my work and returned from whence I came, I took a moment to enjoy the weather. Back home in Austin, it would have been in the 80’s at that time of the morning. There in Las Animas though? A cool 60-ish. It was nice to wear a sweater one last time this year. I would need it a few more times over the next few days but those are stories yet to come, both then and now. Needless to say, I returned to the car, put it in drive, and got to moving again. As luck would have it, I need to pass by the courthouse again on my way, giving me a chance to get the shot I really needed in the pre-dawn. It’s better to be lucky than good. That luck would take me safely back to a reasonable thoroughfare and on to the next appointment in…

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